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“My hate is general, I detest all men;
Some because they are wicked and do evil,
Others because they tolerate the wicked,
Refusing them the active vigorous scorn
Which vice should stimulate in virtuous minds”
Molière, Le Misanthrope.

People i got a project to propose. The project, by now, it’s top secret but it is something I have been thinking while ago. I call this project Contemporary Misanthrope: Misanthropology applied to everyday life.
Sometimes I think about the “misanthrope”. Misanthropy is a matter of full time job. But you can’t hate the human race just because one single guy were mean to you, even if the “single guy” were yourself.  You cannot hate mankind for the simple fact that you belong to the genre. There is no such thing as absolute misanthropy; you are not the center of the world to feel comfortable with the privilege of hating your periphery. 
Hate is a self-destructive feeling; the consistent misanthrope himself should also be a potential suicide. There cannot be an ethic about misanthropy. The social misanthrope is a contradiction if the first conditions for their existence are their way of hate and hate accordingly. 
It is a contradiction that the misanthrope hates everyone as much as he hate himself, just as it is to believe that misanthropy necessarily lead to self-destruction; the misanthrope loves life with integrity and faces the most painful aspects of it.

But what is Contemporary Misanthrope: Misanthropology applied to everyday life? It may be a hobby or a proper research, it may be both. Actually the way I think the “misanthrope” is simpler than it sounds. I’m planning to write a blog about misanthropy facing the paradoxical fact about the “nature” of misanthropic attitude. He loves the world as such but there are some problems to deal with it. While the overpopulation, the pollution (of any kind), the illness, the fanaticism are growing, it is more difficult to distinguish from the antisocial attitude.

There are several differences between one another. Many literature have been wrote about the “misanthropic attitude”. Since Diogenes of Sinope to Florence King the topic has been discussed as the matter of political thought and literature. But there is more about it.

The rise of the capitalism and the global economy brought us a lot of problems to re-think in the frame of “misanthropic matter” and antisocial acts. The line that separates these two sides is very thin, but there are differences that can separate the sociopath of the misanthrope and, simultaneously, rescue the second one. But why the misanthrope can be redeemed at the eyes of society? Why the sociopath isn’t?  Why the praxis of the Unabomber can be separate from the theory? Is there any theory of misanthrope as the theory of sociopathic illness in the psychology? Actually it exists, but I refuse to think the misanthrope thought as an illness. I think the misanthropes are such natural creatures living the simple way of life of the romantic philosophers, but it may be one of the problems to rethink. I don’t know maybe we can discuss a better way of think the contemporary misanthrope.   

Please, make yourself comfortable. Comment and be my guest in this misanthropic project.  Please be confident, visit and collaborate:

See you soon!
Mario Cornejo